Field Trips

Activities Include

  • Horse or pony ride
  • Large cowboy fort
  • Hay ride
  • Nature hike in the woods
  • Horse petting/brushing area
  • Feed/pet pygmy goats & miniature donkey
  • Pet miniature horse & miniature bull
  • Horse & tractor tire swings
  • Treasure hunt – find 1000+ coins in the hay
  • Picnic
  • Working well pump


$10 per child with a $100 minimum; maximum of 45 kids.

$50 Non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your group.  The deposit goes toward the cost of your field trip.

$30 to add a 1/2 hour.

Please note:

Field Trips are available on Monday-Friday mornings and are private for your group only.

How a Field Trip Flows

Mrs. Jane is a schoolteacher with over 20 years experience working with children.

The 2-hour field trip proceeds as follows:  

      1. The first 30 minutes is for riding the horse and playing on the tire swings, cowboy fort, etc.

      2. The next 30 minutes is for feeding & petting the miniature goats, petting the miniature donkey, and finding coins on the treasure hunt.

      3. The next 20-30 minutes is for the hayride and interactive nature hike.

      4. The last 30 minutes is for picnicking under our 60-foot covered pavilion, which has ceiling fans to keep you cool.